the influence of headlines

Headlines and Internet catch phrases are every-where. The way that sites and articles draw you in to click on their links and read their stories is remarkable. The manipulation of words and situations allows for an irresistible urge to learn more. That’s advertising in media, just so clever. Anyone, anywhere, can understand this but we still let it happen. But what worries me is something else. I recently read a post on Twitter on a feminist page. It showcased headlines of famous women wearing everyday outfits. The captions all included a line about each of the girls “dressing to impress/move on from an ex boyfriend.” When in all reality they probably got dressed to start their day for whatever agenda they had to fill. This technique is used to grab a reader’s attention, but it also suppresses the star while they’re at it. It doesn’t account for their talents or success. This morning, I saw a headline about Kim K and the entire post was about Kim getting ice cream with her sister Khloe. You can imagine what sexual innuendo was used in this scenario. Sex sells. I mean yes, Kim may have had a little extra help, but you can’t fake those abs and she probably just really needed a treat off her diet. Sometimes a girl just needs a little ice cream, am I right? It all seems very innocent and harmful but the effects on society are actually much greater. I worry that this is slowing down the progression of equality for females. When a person reads those headlines, those lines stay with them for the rest of the day and can subconsciously govern their thoughts and interactions.  For real, the influence of social media is so extreme and again, you’ll never know it’s happening either.

Just because it is posted as the titles of gossip magazines, does not make it ok to treat women everyday with the same kind of objectification.


It totally undercuts the value that Women hold. The next time you read an article that uses sexual innuendoes, comments about how she dresses her assets or that she’s doing something for male attention, create a reminder not to use the same judgment and remarks that the media does. It is so important to point out and recognize the significance that women hold, rather than seeing them for how the media portrays them. Do not allow the tactics of social media effect you in your daily life and your friendships or relationships with females.

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