the truth about complaining – a journal entry

I heard a comment today, “I’m not happy if I don’t have anything to complain about.” I’m sorry wait what? The self-awareness was admirable but the simple contradiction was clear. Complaining is a way to share an event in a critical negative manner. It does not express happiness or solve the dissatisfaction of the situation. Complaining is a way to dwell on the past and emotions that crave attention to be heard. To each to their own to live anyway they would like. I love when people own up to themselves and stay true to that. Yet, this became a reminder to myself. I don’t want to be someone who complains about situations. Especially situations where I have zero control over. It happens though, am I right? You can easily get caught up and overwhelmed. Happiness should come from a genuine place of joy! And it can when it is welcomed in. When it is founded in a place of pure joy, it can multiple easier. Just a little food for thought – complaining can work the opposite way a person intends it too.

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