girlfriends 1st

I grew up in a family with two sisters. I was a dancer and our school was entirely girls. My friend groups throughout school consisted of primarily girls. My life has been very “female orientated.” But if there’s one lesson I have learned, it’s to always place your girlfriends in life first.

I think this is pretty valuable. When life takes it course, the constants that have always been true have been my number one girlfriends. Every time. Throughout heartbreak, sudden turns of events, or my go tos to make life feel good, that’s what has sustained me.

Developing these friendships early on in life, create a society of people that oneself chooses to become. The importance I have realized on my own is nurturing these friendships as they grow. It’s a two way street – find people that meet your needs as you meet theirs.

My very best friend taught me this. That in order for friendship to work, you have to give as much as you take. She made me realize how great friendship can feel, when you both support and be their for each other equally. I want to be this and continue to be this for all of my girlfriends.

When you surround your self with these types of friendships, allows for a sense of trust to be formed. When times get tough, there are lots of people you can trust and fall back on. By finding your “niche” of friends, that are similar to you, creates ones self and identity can be formed in that.

Throughout this year of mass transition, this network of girlfriends has reminded me of who I am. I love my guy friends too, just as much. But I have always founded fulfillment in these girl friendships.

It’s just that reminder in life to remember who is always there for you & to give back to that. I’m young and I want to live this time of life with what I find to be the most important to me. Right now, it is just that.

Thank you to my number 1’s. Who support me in life, read my blogs and check up on me while I’m away. I miss you all so very much. ❤

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