my love for valentine’s day

I love, love. I love Valentine’s day & celebrating love & friendship & relationships. Ever since I was an elementary student, it was so exciting to make tiny little valentines, attach candy to them and deliver them to your friends. It was like a celebration of your appreciation for one another and it was so fun.

I think this day can come with a lot of pressure. Especially as a young adult.  There’s this pressure to celebrate with a significant other, to be “in love” with someone.  It can come as a reminder for those who don’t have that or a reminder of what once was. There can be so much more to this day, than just that. It’s a day to celebrate everyone that you love.

Valentines day is essentially a social construct. The history is that this day is in remembrance of the priest Saint Valentine who was executed on Feburary 14th.  He was caught marrying Christian couples because they were persecuted in Rome. Hence, the connection to this day of love.  Since then, “Valentines” day has been turned into a hallmark holiday, to upsell items people wouldn’t normally buy for the “tradition of love.” Now, it has become a holiday that people have chosen to socially form and change, to this big deal.

Yet, I still love it. Life get’s so busy, so fast. People often tend to forget to deeply appreciate their friendships and relationships. It’s life and it’s totally ok. Chocolates and flowers in the grocery stores, is an effortless cue to remind us of those we love. It’s like this lovely reminder to reach out to those you love.

The #1 person in my life right now is my self. By myself, I am my very own company. I spend a lot of time in my own head. All day actually. Sometimes, I go hours with the only interaction of a real person, being myself and my thoughts. It’s fairly relaxing sometimes honestly. To just be! Catch me celebrating Valentine’s day with a bottle of rosè, pizza and my closest girlfriends here. Practicing self-love or relaxation.

Whatever today means to you, hold that true. If that’s a romantic dinner for two, a spa date alone or wine with the gal pals, do that whole heartedly. Use today to spread love to everyone, but don’t forget to take extra time to love yourself.

Happy Valentine’s day xx


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