the power of experience

Last week I attended, “an evening with Rupi Kaur.” Of course, I have an admiration for this Canadian writer and her beautiful poetic works. I was in awe of her presence the entire time.

I first purchased “Milk and Honey” last year in March. I bought the book in Chapters, read the entirety in the Starbucks attached, while sipping a dark roast coffee with a stream of tears softly falling down my face.

After my own breakup, I tried to collect and compose myself in every way I could. This book talks about heartbreak and finding yourself again through self love. It breaks down this messy process with such raw passion and realness.

I found myself in the same place I was a year ago. I had tears falling down my face, in a room full of strangers. My eyes would just not stop leaking. As Rupi read her poems aloud, she made me feel all the feels and the entire crowd began to snap in agreement.

That is the power of experience.

How bizarre is it that in a world of almost 8 billion people, living out completely different lives, can all collectively relate to one person’s experiences?

When I read Milk and Honey for the first time, I felt this comfort. My comfort was founded by knowing that this author had felt the same way I did. However, this event made me feel something special. In a room of 100 people from the Manchester area, we were all united together for one thing. We bonded over the way Rupi Kaur shared her own experiences and how she allowed herself to be vulnerable to her readers in her books.

This power in ones own experience is that it will most likely have an affect on someone else. Everyone’s lives are so acutely different – but the process can be similar. To relate to someone can manifest this peace in ones heart that someone else is going through something similar. People thrive on relationship.

I found comfort in Milk and Honey and I found comfort again when everyone else in that room was engaged in her works. I was not the only one who went through this heartbreak; we have all be through it separately. Yet, for a moment, we were all joined together as one.

I just want to encourage you, my secret life of S readers to share your story. There is this power in sharing your own experiences. Regardless of who you are or what you have been through, your journey has the power to impact and encourage someone else. There is strength in using your voice and sharing your vulnerabilities. It can only make you stronger and shine a light in the world of someone else.

Sarah x

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2 Replies to “the power of experience”

  1. Connectedness. We all need it. We all desperately seek it. It is our soul cry to belong – even for a moment – even with strangers. I am so happy for your heart to have found it – your courage is beautiful.

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  2. Loved this. Vulnerability is such a beautiful thing, and your little website shows this while touching on some very relatable subjects. I hope you haven’t stopped journalling!! You have some really healthy insights and helpful perspectives. Seriously cute. Shine on

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